A Word From the Bird

Running the race is an oft-used metaphor for perseverance. This perseverance required in running is not only physical, but mental; there is a saying among some runners that “90% of running is mental, and the rest is in your head”.

From sprinters to marathoners, runners often find that it is the last part of the race that is the hardest.   You need to bear down mentally, focus on good technique, and work hard. At HDCH, it is time to dig deep, focus, and finish the race of the 2nd semester and the 2011-2012 year. There are always reasons to quit or slow down, but now is the time to dig in and finish the course/s that we have started.

Finishing strong isn’t just about covering the content and accomplishing the objectives of the course. It’s about character, and about further developing what it means to be a member of the Kingdom of God. The resilience that can be learned in the process of working hard to finish is a characteristic that will help students throughout their lives, and that we see as invaluable in an HDCH graduate; more on this in my podcast. Hebrews 12 begins with a familiar verse about “running the race,” but the rest of the chapter demonstrates why it is important to have the characteristic of resilience.

Parents, as we enter the summative time of HDCH courses, I encourage you to pray for your children, cheer them on in their studies, and be there for them when the stress levels are high. Finish strong HDCH.

Mr. N. Siebenga

In this Issue…

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“FYI”–For Your Information

Exams: What You Need to Know

Please confirm the date, time and location of your exams. Click here to see the full schedule.  Remember that Monday exams start at 12:00 pm, and Friday, Tuesday and Wednesday exams start at 9:00 am.

The school will be in quiet study mode, so many areas, including the upstairs and downstairs hallways, will not be open to student traffic.  Please do not come to school if you are not writing an exam.

On the day of an exam, you need to:

1.    Come to school appropriately dressed according to the school’s wardrobe regulations.

2.    Proceed to the library to return course textbooks and pick up your exam entry ticket.  Even if the course does not have a text to return, you still need to pick up an exam ticket in the library.

3.    Go to your exam location a few minutes before the exam starts.

4.    Leave backpacks, cell phones, and all listening devices at the back of the gym or in front of the exam room.

5.    Go to your desk. (Please note that the only refreshments allowed are water and unwrapped candy.)

6.    Be prepared to spend at least one hour in the exam room.  You will have up to three hours to write.

7.    When you have completed, checked and handed in your exam, please leave the exam room, if necessary wait for friends quietly, and leave the building as soon as possible.

Other particulars

  • Students who have officially been informed about writing in another location are to report to Room 111 at exam time.
  • In case of any absence, please phone the school office immediately.  A signed doctor’s note is necessary if you are sick.
  • All textbooks on loan for Semester 2 or for year-long courses are due in the library by 9:00 am on Wednesday, June 20.  Please make sure your texts are in on time to avoid a $5.00-per-book late handling fee.  All missing texts must be returned or paid for before the end of June.

Best wishes as you prepare!

Mr. D. Todd

Tuition Forms for 2012-2013

Parents, this is a reminder that tuition forms and method of payment for next year were due yesterday, May 28. If you haven’t already done so, please return them to the office as soon as possible. Questions about the forms or the process? Contact our Finance Manager, Sherry Osinga, at 905 648 6655 x111 or sosgina@hdch.org. She would be happy to speak with you.

Graduation Tickets

We are looking forward to celebrating with our graduating students and their families at Redeemer University College on Monday, June 25 at 7:30pm.

Parents of grads, you should know that on Thursday, May 31, tickets to the ceremony were sent home with your grade 12 student. Because we have a large graduating class this year, we have allotted six tickets per student at this time. (The students themselves do not need tickets.) We ask that, if you won’t be using all of your tickets, to return extras to the school office as soon as possible. There are others who would like to use them.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

An Opportunity to Advertise

Looking for an easy way to reach a select audience of thousands? The HDCH Connections Magazine is now semiannual with a new reach and new look. The first edition will be distributed in September and the second in February. It will be available online, but will also be mailed to HDCH Alumni, local area churches, current families, and local business establishments. Click here to see the advertising rate sheet for details.

If you have any questions regarding your ad with us, please contact Charlene Hone at chone@hdch.org, or email ads@hdch.org to book your ad space and submit finished art work.

Ontario Literacy Test Results

The Ontario Literacy Test results will be released on June 13. Parents of students who were unsuccessful will be notified by Mrs. Koiter after that date. A paper copy of all results will be sent home with the second semester learning reports in July.

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Classroom News

ESLEO Camping Trip

On May 16 and 17 the ESL EO class went to Brantford. We first arrived at Circle Square Ranch, a day camp. We did some good activities; we went horseback riding, learned how to do archery and wall climbing. The most difficult thing about horseback riding was controlling them. They kept trying to eat grass and branches and when that happens, we were pulling them, so they didn’t eat those things. The archery was fun. Three people stand in a spot and there were a bow and three arrows and four target stands, which had animal pictures in it. Students tried to aim at those targets. Many students were quite talented at it. Finally our last activity was wall climbing. It was way harder than it looks. When people were climbing up the wall, other people cheered and gave advice, but as soon as they tried it, they couldn’t do as well as they thought they would. It requires much strength in your arms. Many of the students suffered from muscle pain after that.

When we camp back from the day camp, we set up the tents at our campsite in Rockwood. At night we had a bonfire. The weather was cold at night, so the camp fire was so great. Everyone sat around the fire, chatted, and ate food. We had s’mores. Not many of us had tried it before, but we loved it. We also cooked sausage. The cool thing was we just cut branches and sharpened them to cook the sausage. I never used branches as a cooking tool, so it was awesome. I felt that I was experiencing real nature. In the morning, we had pancakes, scrambled eggs, and Canadian bacon for breakfast. It was the first time for us to have Canadian bacon.

Then we wnt to The St. Jacob’s Farmer’s Market. That place was awesome. There was a livestock auction, where a man sat at front and sold things by speaking so fast that it didn’t really sound like he was talking, it was more singing. There was great food also. A real apple fritter was good. There was 100% fresh apple inside. What I loved about the market was that they sell products that they grew on their own farms, so it is fresh, healthy, nature-friendly and also a fair price.

This trip was so much fun. It had many activities that we could enjoy. Also it have us many opportunities to experience Canadian culture. We experienced things that we have not done before, so it was great.

Jasmin Eo

Stratford Festival

Doesn’t it always seem that there’s got to be a ‘hitch’ when two fine young people in love are just trying to get properly hitched? But if the parents are okay with the plans, and the best friends are all happy for the sweethearts, and all the details for the wedding ceremony are not only well planned but even paid for, well… surely there wouldn’t be a problem, would there?

Wait a minute! Are we talking about a Shakespearean comedy here, ‘cause then there’s bound to be a life-size crisis somewhere, a mean old uncle, maybe, who is all wrapped up in bitterness about something and would like nothing more than to make trouble and spoil everyone else’s happiness. And that’s exactly what happens in Shakespeare’s comedy Much Ado about Nothing, the play attended on Tuesday, May 22nd, at the Stratford Festival Theatre by 41 grade eleven English students.

Click here to read more!

Mr. D. Schulz

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School News

Talent Show Assembly

Last week’s talent show was an amazing success! Hosted by our student council and emceed by Emma Hansen and Kat Vos, the assembly revealed the amazing gifts in our student body. From gymnastics and “water bottling” to musical gifts with piano, violin, guitar, and voice, our student body was moved and entertained. Congrats to student council on hosting another amazing annual FM@HD display of talent!

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Event Updates

Music Tour

From 7 a.m. on Wednesday the 23rd until the afternoon of Saturday the 26th, about 75 students and teachers, including the Praise Team, Concert Band, Flute Trio, Choir, and Chamber Ensemble, were touring Boston. All these groups had been practicing earnestly all year for this trip and were excited to share the gift of music far from home. The excitement may have dwindled during the 10+ hour bus ride (it’s hard to be excited while sleeping), but quickly returned as our destination grew closer…

Click here to continue reading.

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By the time you read this the track and field events at Regionals will be over.  However, we wish Samantha DeVries, Josh Huisman, Steve Voorberg, Gillian Kloet, Aaron DeJong, Kevin VanderMeer, Chelsea Bezemer, Michelle VanderMeer Lisa Steiginga, and Sierra Bassie all the best.  They all qualified in their events at SOSSA.  OFSAA Southern Regionals is much stiffer competition.

As I’m drafting this, our boys soccer team who won the City Championship last week, have played and lost their first game on the soccer pitch at SOSSA.  Hopefully by this reading they are off to OFSSA.

Once again the coaches and the Phys-Ed department wishes to express their thanks to the student athletes and their parents for the dedication to their sport and their personal development.

Miss B. Heusinkveld

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Student Services Says

Today is offer acceptance deadline day for most Ontario university programs. Be sure to log on to your on-line OUAC account and click “accept!” Remember that accepting is a multistep process: you have to accept, submit, confirm, declare and verify. Unless you have a confirmation number, your process is not complete.

Students who did not receive an offer of admission from a program of choice can still amend their choices to include alternative programs. In mid-June, Ontario universities offer a “Program Vacancy Service.”  Students can search the service by school program, or grade cut-off; those who possess the minimum admission requirements for available program spots can amend their choices and gain admission.

Mr. J. Apers

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Recruitment & Advancement

It’s been exciting to share the HDCH story with families at West Highland Baptist Church and Brant Community Church in this past month.  While many people have heard about us, it is helpful to fill in the blanks with useful information.  If you would like to help arrange a visit of an HDCH rep to your church, just let me know!

Our enrollment for next year’s Grade 9 class now stands at 106, and we will also welcome a number of students who transfer into senior grades from other schools.  Overall, next year’s enrollment is ahead of our forecasts and conversations continue with several families who are finalizing their decisions.  We have much to be thankful for in regards to recruiting new families to HDCH.

Mr. H. Meester

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